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★ Your Wife Is Calling (Sound City Players) ★ FREE Video Drum Lesson | How To Play SONG (Hawkins)

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FREE PDF Drum Notation - https://www.drumstheword.com/your-wife-is-calling-sound-city-players-taylor-hawkins-free-video-drum-lesson-pdf-notation-learn-how-play-song-drums/

WATCH 100s FULL-SONG LESSONS - https://www.drumstheword.com

In this free drum lesson, I want to teach you the main drum beats and fills to the song "Your Wife Is Calling" by Sound City Players featuring Taylor Hawkins on drums.

The majority of the song is played in 7/4 making this a bit if a beast to play from the very beginning. Taylor gives us a real demonstration of both his technical powers and groove within those time signatures...it's quite impressive!

I show you how to play all of the main grooves including the stabs later in the song that are counted in 9/4...oh yes, it gets better! :)

WEBSITE - https://www.drumstheword.com
FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/drumstheword

To learn 100s of songs in FULL that feature these drum beats and many more then visit my website at www.DrumsTheWord.com.

Thanks for watching and happy drumming to you!

(Drummer, Teacher & Owner)

YouTube LINK: https://youtu.be/mpLl1MbLt0c

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