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An Unexpected Ending To This Model Train Video!

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I set up tracks throughout my house in order to run one of my G-scale model trains, the Santa Fe Super Chief passenger train. But I ran in to a little issue when I mounted my GoPro on the side of the train! I guess I should have checked the clearance on the left side of the tracks. Not to worry, though... neither the train or the camera were damaged in the little incident you'll see at the very end of the video!

This model, by LGB, is my favorite train in my large collection. It cost thousands of dollars for the locomotives and the passenger cars, but I still get a thrill running it on my layout even though I've had this train for about five years now. The paint scheme, known as the Warbonnet color scheme, is a classic.

In the video you see a LGB model number 21576 Santa Fe locomotive pulling a LGB 21586 "B" unit... followed by several passenger cars including the LGB 36570 Streamliner car and the LGB 36571 passenger car.

This particular model train was only manufactured for a year or two by LGB and has been out of production for quite a long time now. These are a collectors item now. So, don't get your heart set on owning this particular type of model train, at least not in G scale. You could probably much more easily find it available in O scale or HO scale... but these G scale versions are a rare item now.

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