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Family Of Four (Free Film, Drama, English, HD, Low Budget Movie, Full Length) watch movies ,

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Family Of Four: Free Movie, English, American Drama Movie, Full Length, Independent Film, HD, Low Budget Film, Drama Story, Romance Film, Suspense.

Family of Four - This "Family of Four" sees their hidden lives, their isolation from one another and their pasts catch up to them, culminating in the one thing they've been avoiding... confrontation.

FAMILY OF FOUR is a drama that explores the secret, hidden lives of four family members living under the same roof. A wife and mother who hides her propensity for alcohol, a father and husband who conceals his inner desire for another woman, a daughter who is experimenting with se*x, drugs, and drinking, and a son who is so willfully ignored, he creates an imaginary friend as his caretaker. Family of Four: The rise and fall of the American family.

A teenage daughter, overwhelmed by insecurity, trades her sexuality for acceptance. A seven-year-old son, lamenting the loss of his imaginary friend due to prescribed medication, trades fantasy for the harsh reality of his surroundings. An unstable mother, a recovering alcoholic pent up with guilt and rage, trades addiction for a life of deceit and adultery. And an underachieving father, put off with the lack of passion in his marriage, pursues a young coworker in an attempt to regain his youth.

This “Family of Four” sees their hidden lives, their isolation from one another and their pasts catch up to them, culminating in the one thing they’ve been avoiding… confrontation.

Une famille qui était heureuse, se retrouve soudainement au bord de la crise. Le père se transforme en délinquant sexuel, la mère sombre dans l'alcoolisme et la fille passe son temps à se mutiler. Qu'adviendra t-il d'eux?

Director: John Suits
Writer: John Suits
Stars: Alexandra Paul, Robert Lewis Stephenson, Abby Wilde

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