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HowtoStudyKorean Dictation - Unit 0: Lesson 3 (Round 2)

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Welcome to Round 2 of the Unit 0: Lesson 3 Dictation Video. In Unit 0, we focus just on reading Korean syllables. I will prompt you with Korean syllables, and it will be your job to try to dictate what you hear.

You can find "Round 1" here:

I figure there is no point using random syllables. Instead, I went to Unit 1: Lesson 4 and found five words that you could write using the knowledge from Unit 0: Lesson 1. You’ll have to memorize those words eventually, so you might as well start looking at them now.

For each word, we the word once at regular speed, and then once again slowly. You will then have ten seconds to write the sounds that you hear. Then, we will show you the correct answer along with a translation.

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