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Obi-Wan Movie Gets Green Light, Avengers Dominates China - The John Campea Show

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On this epsidoe of The John Campea Show, John discusses the following topics:

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- Sources say Obi-Wan movie is moving forward

- Avengers Open Huge In China
- Brooklyn Nine Nine May Head To Hulu
- Star Wars Show Is 7 Years After Return Of The Jedi
- Dan Stevens Joins Pale Blue Dot
- Bradley Cooper Making A Leonard Bernstein Biopic

PATREON SUPPORTER Ali Hussein - Hey John love your show. I just read on variety lethal weapons star Clayne Crawford who plays Martin riggs on the tv-show got fired. Variety reports that his been reprimanded for his behavior twice. both related to concerns over work conditions. Is that really a good reason to fire a actor or replace? Keep up great work.

Jeff Kerns - John, Do you think with the recent changes to Movie Pass limiting to 1 viewing per movie cost Avengers IW 20 to 30 million at the BO in its 2nd week? Thanks!

Bob Sackett - Greetings John, love the show. I have read that The Six Billion Dollar Man movie lost its director, and that Mel Gibson was being eyed as a possible replacement and was already considered for the Oscar Goldman role. What are your thoughts. Keep up the great information you provide.

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