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RohanTV - Smoke (Official Music Video) (Ireland Boys Diss Track) FEAT. NOTSEW

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RohanTV - Smoke (Official Music Video) (Ireland Boys Diss Track) FEAT. NOTSEW

Coming to Spotify and iTunes VERY SOON...

Subscribe to NOTSEW: https://www.youtube.com/user/NotsewY

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/NotsewHD

Instagram: https://goo.gl/7a5Hdv

Produced by LEX
YouTube: https://goo.gl/yDJPC4
Instagram: https://goo.gl/cGqiYn

Written by: RohanTV and NOTSEW

Couldn't have done this without NOTSEW and LEX so HUGE shoutouts to the BOYS!

I truly didn't want to do this, but my BEST FRIENDS left me with no choice. Always callin me a HUTTER, I had to keep it real and drop some facts and take some shots. THERE IS NO BEEF... I think. Maybe some cheddar cheese though after what just happened. BUT if Ninja Nick wants to catch these hands and feel the power of a MAN, then I will show him...

Lyrcis -

Stompin on ya turf
ready’da shoot ya like its nerf
Boy you lookin like a smurf
with that goofy lookin smirk

Man I come in to hurt,
Its one hit to the dirt,
I pull up you skrrt,
You can both get the work,
Boy I hit hard like creed,
See you drop to your knees,
You know I got the keys
Why you looking so cheesed?

Theo HUTTED hard
That boy cannot aim,
You talking all that shit
But when shots popped you dipped!

I got nuts, you got space
You get dropped, get the fade,
I’ll pull up in a hearse
When I take you to the grave

Damn , rick, you smelling like your bars,
All you make is trash,
You think that shit went hard?
Finger on the trigger
But the ammo looking dry,
Nick you small as fuck,
But that neck look six foot five

Born in Ohio
The 513
I see you in the paint
But I pull up from 3

One hit rick listen in
Dont do you dare look away
Say you wanna box,
But you can’t take a shot
(swing sound)
wearin boxers, come stop me,
Your whole style sloppy
you can’t do a thing
Get left in a sling

RTV my boy go hard,
IBP aint got no bars,
Varsity we look like stars,
I play my hand,
I see your cards,

Pull up getcha jumpin,
You aint nothing,
Look at us, wow, stuntin,
Music droppin, you should stop it,
Stick to vloggin, you aint poppin,
Dawg i got it
step to me i pop the noggin
That flow weak, i know you bought it,
Outta pocket, want the work? You know i get it,
On the court, you know i splash up on it,
Oo look at the wrist,
Nickspics, take a pic of this dick,
Send you into space, pick ur girl up in my rover,
Boy yo luck is over you gon really need that clover,

You aint shaq, its more like Dwight,
I feel like Kobe… I take flight,
Blaow, tip of the top, Loading the Bic, get it to pop, bang,
Boy i do my thang,
Takin shots you shooting blanks
I am the king
Know your place

We’re up in this chase
Man It’s over, I’m sorry,
You pranked me with my sisters car?

Pulled up in a rari
You aint got me
You can’t stop me
Called up steezy
Call em cheesy
He so easy
Cuz he sleazy
Leave me queezy
He so freaky!

6”1” 165
I run like a Prius
I hit like a truck
Hard like Malik
And efficient as fuck


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Dope song on annotation screen:

PrimeTime Television

Song: https://soundcloud.com/realtwavy/primetimetelevision
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/officiallyt

Biz: rohantvofficial@gmail.com

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