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Walt Disney Television and Buena Vista Television - Logo History

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Before I begin: This video does not contain any direct logo captures from any logo uploaders. It may seem like it but I can reassure you I wouldn't consider stealing a means of making this. It just so happens that some of these logos only have one source. And I'm also fine with taking from credits uploads. In the case I may have accidentally used a direct logo capture from someone without realizing it, there is a statement at the end that says that they own those captures.

Happy new year! To start off this year, I have decided to upload a logo history for some Disney TV logos. Some variants may be missing such as some of the Disney-ABC logos but I think the amount of new variations this video features makes up. Some of these may seem like repeats, but they're not. Some just happen to be only slightly different. If new variants are discovered at a later date, I will extend this project when enough new variants have been found. So... Enjoy!

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