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HALO WARS 2 All Cutscenes 4K (Game Movie) 60FPS

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GOD OF WAR (2018) MOVIE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwoe8sTkp90

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The year is 2559, 28 years after UNSC Spirit of Fire left the destruction of Shield 0459.

Spirit of Fire, thought to have been lost with all hands and having drifted for almost 30 years, arrives at the Ark, a massive Forerunner installation capable of building Halo rings. Serina, the ship's AI, having long since begun developing rampancy due to a long service life, awakens the crew from cryosleep after leaving a final message for the Spirit of Fire's captain, James Cutter, stating it was an honor to serve with him, before destroying herself as per protocol. Cutter briefly mourns her, along with Professor Ellen Anders.

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