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Chetan Maddineni Latest Telugu movie || chetan Maddineni | Dimple

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watch Gulf Latest Telugu movie || chetan Maddineni | Dimple

The film tells the stories of a handful of characters who reach the Gulf in search of livelihood. They all come from humble backgrounds, and they all share identical stories of victimhood. Hoodwinked by Visa brokers, exploited by middlemen, and immiserated by blood-sucking Sheiks, they lead a life of a thousand hardships as construction workers and domestic helps in Dubai.

Shiva (Chetan Maddineni) from Telangana and Lakshmi (Dimple) from Andhra Pradesh's Godavari are two of the condemned workers in the land of broken promises. Amid their struggles for dignity, going through oppressive working conditions and escaping even rape, they fall in love.

Their acquaintances (played by Santosh Pawan, Anil Kalyan, Shiva, and others) are their only hope in the times of distress. But when a friend commits suicide when he is defrauded of his hard-earned money by his Sheik, Shiva and his cohorts decide to take a flight by stealing their money from the Sheik and get hold of their seized passports.

What consequences do they face in their attempt to mount a heroic escape from the grueling conditions? Will they ever meet their relatives back home in India? That's what the second half is about.

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